Michael Cohen really sat down and unloaded the other day. He really dropped at least two huge stories. Definitely a deuce. Really, when you think about it, there were a deuce of massive dumps (of emails) in the 2016 election, the Podesta one and the Wasserman-Schultz one.

Still, you think about all the pressure Cohen must have felt when he was squeezing out that testimony. He must have felt hot in that steamy room, packed in there. I wonder if he browned out at any point.

I mean, it was such a big load of testimony. The hours just squatting there must have really piled up. All that time sitting there on the testimony throne, it’s a wonder his legs didn’t fall asleep.

Maybe that’s why he got red in the face sometimes, just trying to force all of it out, you know, just really keep squeezing it so he could force out the truth.

But, you know, who knows, really, if he was telling the truth? The Republicans are obviously covering their asses and hoping that nothing else shakes loose.

After all, he is an admitted liar.¬† Let’s hope that, when he was working so hard to force the truth out, when he was really forcing out his impression of Trump’s true nature yesterday, it wasn’t also the time he let the truth get blocked up. It really is hard to tell, because even if he told the truth about some or even most stuff, Cohen’s career proves he’s definitely full of shit.