Have you heard of voting? It’s great! You know that feeling that you are overwhelmingly powerless in the face of encroaching fascism, corruption, and hatred? That’s a real feeling– but it’s not a real fact! You have power! You can vote! The more you vote, and the more elections you vote in– especially the smaller, local ones– the more power you have! And you can register to vote today! In fact, today is specially set aside for people to do so!



A little bit calmer now: while this year’s elections have a bit more of the marquee quality than most midterms, it’s still a fact that midterms get under-noticed by the general populace. Especially the younger populace which is a big chunk of the Democratic base. Lets put  it this way: if you– we– had shown up in 2014, Neil Gorsuch wouldn’t be on the Supreme Court. Merrick Garland would. Possibly even someone less catered to the idea of bipartisanship that Obama had to adhere to because, yes, his party had lost the Senate.

I’m still concerned that lots of news, polls, and thinkpieces about how the Democrats “have the wind at their back” or whatever hackneyed poli-speak will lead to apathy on the part of “the resistance.”

Keep in mind, there were months in 2016 when fuckwits like Robby Mook thought Dems could flip Kansas.


Obviously, I’m fine with a bit of piling on, but the point isn’t the past, the point is the present. And in the present, yes, post your thoughts on social media or whatever. Tweet at the president if it makes you feel important. Watch John Oliver and feel smart. Create “hilarious” memes. Disengage and call it “self care.”Buy self-congratulating t-shirts. Pat your pretty liberal back about not being as bad as the rapists that are running the country right now.


Because that seems to be the one thing you keep forgetting to do. If you want to register, here’s the link again.