Are you one of those people who complains about how Seattle is losing everything cool/authentic/alt? How you can’t be an artist here any more?

Me too!

Congrats, we did it. But here’s the thing—if you really do give a shit about art and supporting artists, you actually have to go to the events that they produce! And pay!

My homie Carl Lawrence founded festival:festival two years back with his homie Juan Franco, and they recruited their other homies to curate this festival of performing arts, which has homies dancing, performance art-ing, etc.

Curator homie Mario Lemafa:

“Stories told of this city today suggest that its inhabitants measure time with harm, damage is currency, and that more so than rain, coping is the definitive weather feature. festival:festival bookends these tales with visions for a communal salve, highlighting artists work who come to us in good faith.”

Mario is right! If you are bummed about How Seattle Is Tough To Live In Right Now, you gotta do some of the work to make it better yourself. The festival is on August 10 and 11 on Capitol Hill (I know, it used to be so much cooler.)

Make Capitol Hill arty againWait, that doesn’t sound right…