Today is a landmark for me; it is without a doubt the day I’ve heard the word “Colfax” more than any other in all my years on the planet. My travel partner and I had intended to take a trip up the Steptoe Butte but it was closed off. We had to settle for looking at it from behind a fence. That was less impressive than we’d hoped, but still nice, because, you know, nature.

Having already traveled a good hour south from our base-of-ops in Cheney we decided to head a bit further south into Colfax. Surrounded by hills on all sides, downtown Colfax is quietly charming, with plenty of antique stores, a bookstore, a few coffeeshops and one and half bars.

But the most memorable thing I saw in Colfax (Colfax!) was definitely a real, taxidermied giraffe behind the counter at Bully For You, a vintage/novelty/found items spot on the main strip.

I asked if I could take a picture, guy at the counter grinned and said “we should probably start charging for that.” The giraffe’s name is Leif, and is well known in town.

Sadly for my own very selfish (and unrealistic) decorating concerns Leif is not for sale. But this is likely for the best; a creature like Leif belongs to the community.