…FOR 2018.

Gotcha! You fell for the oldest clickbait/email marketing trick in the book. Sucker.

Now that we’ve got emotional manipulation out of the way, here’s what’s up: we’re taking December off from posting new stuff. Instead, we’re reheating some leftover content, because:

  1. It’s time for a break! Holiday madness, travel, and overwork are here.
  2. We picked out some of our favorite posts from early on. In the months when HYM was brand new and still smelled good, we missed more often than we hit. That meant fewer people read the good stuff—hence the reheats.
  3. Big stuff is in the works. 2019 will feature some exciting new projects that need extra time and attention.

Anyway, thanks for reading. We appreciate your continued support of HYM, and the War on Christmas.

Happy Holidays,

Graham and Pete